K LIO S.L. offers a wide range of alcohol combinations in a simple can. The are the following:

Bacardi Rum + Coke

A perfect blend of Bacardi black rum imported from Cuba and Coke with the best quality.  The proportions are as follows: 30% Bacardi black rum and 70% Coke, to get the best taste possible.

For partygoers who want to enjoy a refreshing taste while having a good time.

Smirnoff Vodka + Lemon Fanta

A mix between the best Russian vodka, Smirnoff, and the best lemon drink on the market: Lemon Fanta. The proportions are as follows: 35% vodka Smirnoff and 65% Lemon Fanta.

For sophisticated people who want to have a good time without giving up a balanced and delicious drink.

Ballantines Whisky + Orange Fanta

The best scotch wishiky combined with Orange Fanta for a strong flavor. For the most demanding palates. Proportions: 30% Ballantines whisky and 70% Orange Fanta.

For those looking for strong emotions.

Bombay Shaphire Gin + Schweppes tonic

The most famous combo in the world, now a in a simple can. Gin of the best quality along with the best possible tonic. Proportions: 40% Beefeater gin and 60% Schweppes tonic.

For the classics who want to spend a nice time with friends.

Jagermeister liquor + Red Bull energy drink

The most innovative and modern combination of all. Licorice liquor Jaermeister alongside the world’s most famous energy drink, Red Bull. The proportions are the follows: 35% Jagermeister liquor and 65% Red Bull energy drink.

For those looking for somethink new, delicious and that makes them spend an unforgettable night.